The Internet of Things (IoT)

The first trend we cover is commonly referred to as IoT, or the Internet of Things. Although this technology is still fragmented, it is already on course to shake up the freight shipping industry. The type of technology IoT uses is comprised of a database, a reader, a chip and a GPS cloud-based system. These elements speak to each other, creating a detailed and valuable outlay of your operations. One of our readers described IoT as “a way of getting inanimate objects like parcels and containers, to send useful information about themselves automatically and autonomously directly to the internet.”


This new technology is referred to as radio frequency identification, and it enables the freight industry to effectively track their shipments, and the conditions of these shipments. Confirmation receipts and barcodes no longer require scanning, and the technology enables shipments to be received automatically. The advances in IoT have made it not only easier, but more efficient for a company to check on goods or a shipment. This can be accomplished 24/7.

Courtesy : Lewis King