Corporate Training

One cannot deny the fact that training is a continuous process, as it represents the means to nurture tomorrow’s talent. We are working in an era that demands people to learn and relearn consistently. Corporate’s are smart enough to realize that Human Capital Investment is need of an hour for any Industry, Logistics is no different, as it is considered as one of the dynamic industry.

Bearing this in mind, Freight Training offers both generic and tailor made Shipping & Logistics Training for Executives from business firms at their premises or any neutral venue. Our package for Corporates focuses on employees who have no prior knowledge of Shipping and the employees who wish to brush their Logistics skills.

freight training

Our Course content are designed to provide a better-educated and more versatile workforce that allows to meet your customers’ demands more quickly and efficiently. In Corporate training, We have reached our first milestone by training 100+ Executives in less than six months of our inception. We have different packages depending on the training content and team size. Write to us for more details.