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Professional Flyer Design Services

The Freight Marketing provides professional flyer design services for companies of any size and for any need. We can provide complete business flyer design allowing you to run your business while we help to deliver results!

Flyers are a wonderful marketing tool, but if not implemented correctly they can waste your money. Flyers have also become a source of frustration for recipients due to the sheer volume dropping through doors on a daily basis. However, if you look at the flyers that people keep, it’s typically those that have been well designed and/or deliver a targeted message. The mistake many businesses make when working to design a flyer is not understanding what they want to achieve before they start.

This sounds ridiculous because surely the answer is simple, but actually it’s not so simple. If you add a poor overall design into the mix, you will get a flyer that looks bad, is laid out wrong and delivers the wrong message for the target audience!

A great logo is the first step towards building a great brand

  • We Design Visually Compelling Logos With A Great Concept Behind It.
  • Our Logo Designers Have Proven Skills In Designing Logos For Reputed Brands.
  • Our Logo Design Package Includes A Logo User Guide For The Correct Usage Of Logo.
  • We Also Develop Collaterals Including Business Cards, Letterheads And Envelops.

Logo design – a critical cog in your branding exercise:
Designing an effective logo requires more than graphical skills – you need to understand the brand, its customers, competitors and the message you want to convey through the logo.

Our logo design team in India comprises of advertising and branding specialists with over a decade of experience. We can come up with the most engaging logo ideas that helps your company stand out in the market.

As part of the logo design process, we also develop powerful taglines that go well with the positioning of the brand. To maintain brand uniformity across your communication, we also develop print collateral templates for business cards, letter heads, envelops, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. For advanced users, we also produce a logo user guide that would act as handy guide on how to use the logo properly across medium and backgrounds.

The logo design brief:
This is the initial phase where the client briefs us on their requirement. To get better clarity, we usually send out a logo design questionnaire for the client to fill up.

Brand research:
Once we are fully clear on the requirement, our branding guys start on the job. We research the brand’s current positioning in the market and analyze its strengths and weakness. We compare the brand with its direct and indirect competitors. We share the outcome of the research with the client, providing roadmap on how the logo should be positioned.

Concept creation:
Once the client gives a green signal on our approach, the design team starts developing the design .

Client feedback:
We expect our clients to actively participate in the logo design process and provide constructive feedback on each design option. We get back to the drawing board to rework on the designs based on the feedback. Two levels of iterations will be carried out.

Collateral designs:
Once the logo design is finalized, we proceed to creating design templates for collaterals like business cards, letterheads, envelops, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. We will also provide the logo file in several file formats including Jpeg, Tiff, EPS and PSD. For logo design projects for larger business entities, we also deliver a detailed logo user manual and design templates for uniforms, company vehicles, billboards etc.

A logo design project usually takes up to 2 weeks.

Design Brochures to increase your sales, stand unique in your field. Product Brochure Design or Corporate Brochure Design, Design with the Experts.

Even in this age of digital marketing a brochure always makes a difference. A copy in your customer’s hands always has an edge favoring your brand or product.

Our approach towards brochure design is very simple – to give you the best! We listen to what you say and render more than you expect. This confidence in being the best is fostered by an incredibly talented graphic design team that is vibrant, dynamic and creative. Our mission to foster partnerships and deliver brochure designs that is as unique as your business.

Like Steve Jobs famously said, Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. We analyse your business, its products and operations and design brochure that would position you a cut above the rest.

To attract potential buyers to your business without your physical presence, brochure forms an excellent strategy. We theme your marketing plan through the best brochure design possible that give complete insights to your business. Any potential client would be convinced that you are optimal to suit their requirements. We can assure you the quickest turn around time, in spite of all the thought process involved. Tight deadlines do not waver our determination. Our brochure designs can and will bring the desired growth to your business. We can also assist you in getting your brochures printed with our associated printers and get it delivered.

  • We Design Brochures To Increase Your Sales.
  • We Advice You On The Design Style, Size Of The Brochure And The Quality Of Printing.
  • Get It Designed. Get Noticed.

In addition to brochure design, we could also assist you with

  • E-Brochure Design
  • Product Brochure Design
  • Company Profile Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Poster Design
  • Voucher Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letter Head Design
  • Banner Or Board Design

Web Design Chennai, India

Freight Marketing is a professional website design that creates cost-effective unique custom solutions with a well-trained and experienced team of technical experts. The strong focus to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients pivots the company to invest heavily on technology and creativity. We ensure that every aspect of digital services is offered specific and significant focus beginning from professional web design services. Website design most often determines the success of any online business. And so, we begin from there. Designing the website for its intended audience instead of the marketer is the primary component of a successful website.

The design of a website must be conducive to generate traffic from search engines and beyond, capture interest and sustain attention. Therefore, as an experienced corporate website design company, Team Mango Media uses a website as a platform to express and communicate solutions for user/customer needs. An impressive layout, easy navigability, informative content, easy identification, presence of links in landing pages, aesthetics including colors, schematics and use of white spaces and several other components are each given a lot of significance along with the element of affordability for cost-effective and professional results.

Corporate web design

Business website design is an essential part of moving to the next level globally. Creative website design is something that you definitely want to have.

Affordable and creative business website design
What does your dream website look like and how does your existing website compare if you have one? Answering this question determines whether you need some help with your business website design. Your site can make a big difference in how much business that you can get from the Internet, so you want to be sure that your business website design expresses your business perfectly in design and function. What do you need to consider when considering business website design?

Business website design that is affordable
When you have a small business, one of the things that you may be most concerned about is the cost of your website design. While you may think that you cannot afford web design that is rich in content, informative, and easy to navigate, you can. There are affordable web designers that will be able to give you the results that you want and need to make your business website design stand out from others.

Business website design that is creative
Creative website design is something that you definitely want to have. It is important, however, to not lose sight of the purpose of your website, however. You want it to be an expression of your business and your goals. From an easy to navigate site with clickable links to an online shopping cart and more, you want to be sure that your business website design is user friendly to the ultimate.

Business website design is an essential part of moving to the next level globally. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and your website is lacking or if you don’t have one, you want to find a business website design professional that can give you the creative, content filled, easy to navigate site that will be user friendly and that will catch the eye.

Web Development

Website development is the backbone that holds up a search-friendly website. Think of it as the structure that supports your entire online system. A well-developed site optimizes your search potential while following best practices for online functionality. A poorly developed site can actually hurt your search engine rankings or, in some cases, make your site invisible to search engines altogether.

Build a foundation for success with good website development

Freight Marketing codes all sites to the most current Web standards, providing a usable, accessible, forward-thinking platform on which to build your online presence. We use industry-leading content management systems and media-aware code. Everything is updatable and adaptable.

What does this mean for you? Your website will be view-able, searchable, and appealing to search engines and potential customers alike!

Experience the difference made by a well-developed, strategically implemented website. Contact us for a custom Web development quote.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is short for search engine marketing.

SEM is a type of Internet marketing associated with the researching, submitting and positioning of a website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility and increase your share of paid and/or organic traffic referrals from search engines.

SEM involves things such as search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, competitive analysis, paid listings and other search engine services that will increase search traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Part art, part science, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via organic or un-paid search results.

In general, the more frequently and the higher on the page a site appears in the search results, the more search engine users will visit your site. Freight Marketing uses a two-pronged approach to help your site appear more often and more prominently in search results: 1. We maximize your website’s potential to rank for the most valuable search terms related to your products and services; 2. We build up your social media assets to fill as many spots as possible in the search results.

Freight Marketing always starts with the foundation, optimizing the structural elements of your website to make it as “friendly” to the search engines as possible. This includes on-site elements such as the site architecture, code, internal link structure, images and navigation, page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. We also promote your site externally through other high-traffic, well-respected websites that will help you establish a trustworthy Web presence. This not only expands your reach, it also helps to build your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Small to Medium-Sized Business
Social media is an essential component in any modern marketing strategy. Freight Marketing provides social media marketing strategy and implementation with different levels to suit your needs and budget. Our services range from providing you with a detailed roadmap for implementation by your team to writing, posting and monitoring the posts for you.

Our social media marketing plans help you:

  • Reach New Potential Customers
  • Create A More Loyal Customer Base
  • Improve Your Referral Rates
  • Open Up The Lines Of Communication With Your Customers
  • Gauge Your Competition
  • Provide A Vehicle For Online Promotions
  • Boost The Search Engine Results For Your Website
  • Social Media Optimization – Account Setup And Enhancement

As part of our Foundation Freight Marketing Package, Freight Marketing will establish your professional, branded presence across the major social networks, or optimize your existing accounts to portray a consistent, professional profile across the various media.

Our setup and optimization services include:

Setting up accounts on the major social channels that work best for your business Optimizing existing accounts to adhere to best practices for online marketing Creating graphics for social media pages to portray a professionally branded presence Linking all accounts to your website through social sharing buttons and inbound linking features Revising all “about” content to present a consistent message that is constant with your company mission Establishing ongoing promotional plans through content marketing, sponsored posts and online advertising

Don’t get left out of the conversation. Communicate with your customers where they are. Stay current and top of mind with Freight Marketing social media marketing services.

Freight Marketing offers a variety of service levels based on your budget and in-house resources. See our Freight Marketing Packages for more service and pricing information, or request a consultation to learn about specific solutions.