How do  the identify your supplier..?? There are several sources all around the world to help you identify the suppliers that may be able to supply the cargo that you want..

Most popular among these sources are :

Virtual sources
1 Trade Portals
2  Websites
3  Blogs
4 Magazines

Tangible sources

1 Trade Fairs/Road Shows
2  Consulates
3  Chambers of Commerce
4  Word of mouth

Whichever options we may  choose, there is one thing we  must do before we  sign on the dotted line and that is “Check the reputation and reliability of our supplier”

should ask the supplier are:

a)  How long have they been in business..??

b) Verify that the company and person that you are buying from are genuine and actually a legal entity..

c) Have they exported any of their products to your country..??

d) If they have, can they give you some trade references in your country, maybe an existing client..??

There are many fly by night middlemen who pretend to be the supplier, manufacturer, seller etc and we will find out much later that their company doesn’t really exist..

If the business is new, it is recommended that we have to visit to the company at the origin and convince our self that the seller and the product is genuine..
Many an importer has lost everything because they didn’t check these important items..


Courtesy: Hariesh Manaadiar