Shipping containers for sale

Because the UK imports more containers than it exports, there is a regular supply of surplus shipping containers for sale at good prices. Some things to consider before buying a shipping container are.

Do you intend to export your shipping container ?

If so, you need to ensure that the container complies with ISO container regulations, is certified and plated.

Are you using for storage ?

Using shipping containers for storage can be a great alternative to building similarly secure storage units. If used for storage shipping containers are not bound by the same ISO shipping standards, and as such can be modified in different ways to fit your purpose.

Shipping container homes.

Not content with being the ‘lynchpin of our global distribution network’. Shipping containers are actually being utilised to create some pretty eye-catching, eco-friendly and affordable housing.

Shipping container home architecture is becoming more and more popular and is moving from a cost saving solution for storage, markets and basic cheap housing, into desirable futuristic homes like the Redondo Beach House – designed by Peter Demaria.