When shipping your motorcycle, it will be strapped & secured to a customized pallet and transported on a special air ride truck to reduce risk of damage. You have the option of shipping straight to a residence, or save money by dropping and picking up at a carrier terminal. The choices are your. So are the savings.

freight shipping your motorcycle


When you opt for our specialized motorcycle shipping services over standard LTL service, you’ll always receive a full enclosed ride, air-suspension trucking, tilt-free storage and much more. Fully-enclosed, secure transport to best protect your bike air-ride suspension trucks ensure a safe & smooth ride equipped, insured & proven carriers get it there on time friendly motorcycle experts track every step

Fast Delivery

Pickup takes approximately 1-5 business days with a transit time to ship your bike quickly. 

ship-the-motorcycleMultiple Bike Discount

Shipping more than one motorcycle?  It had an offer a discount on low prices for multiple bike shipments.

Riding Season is Forever

Shipping your bike to one of the upcoming Motorcycle Rallies? With the amount of terminals growing in North Carolina, South Dakota, Florida and nationwide, it’s easier than ever to find one close to you and save money on your motorcycle transportation.