Rail Freight Options

The types of goods carried are characterized as follows
Bulk shipments of 20-50 tonne capacity wagons carrying –
Coal (imported or domestic) to power stations
Aggregates for construction
Oil from refineries
China & clay

You will no longer see the sidings that used to grace every station and which brought all manner of wagonload shipments to every corner of the country – road transport had largely killed that off by the 1960s. What you may not know is that there is now a dedicated network of rail-served transport hubs around the country and they are available for all the registered rail freight companies to use on behalf of their clients.

Rail freight is now carrying more material than ever before, thanks to its increased focus on the things it does best – hauling heavy loads for medium to long distances, at speeds of 75mph, often to and from sea ports. A train load can replace up to 75 HGVs, which is an added environmental incentive.