Pictorial markings

Another potential issue that can become apparent during freight shipping is the fact that the cargo may be handled by those who do not speak either the language of the country of origin or destination. It is also a possibility that the cargo may come into contact with a worker who is illiterate. In order to solve this particular issue, it is prudent to use pictorial markings on the shipping box in order to make sure that no confusion is elicited, and that is the road that big shipping companies such as DHL have gone down. The best thing to do is to procure a copy of the relevant pictorial shipping marks.


When packing material into shipping crates or cartons, make sure that you are noting down the contents of each carton and applying the correct shipping marks to each shipping crate. Have a look at our guide to the various pictorial marks that need to be applied to the correct carton on the basis of its contents.