UN Performance packaging standards for shipping companies

It is imperative that shipping companies do not forget that there are certain UN performance packaging standards that came into effect in January 1991 and that any shipping company wishing to ship potentially hazardous materials should make sure that they are in compliance with the UN standards and also that they are displaying the correct shipping marks in line with the correct freight shipping procedure.


Hazard Classes

1) Explosives – Articles bearing Explosives labels that fall into classes 1.1,1.2,1.3, 1.4F and 1.5 are generally not permitted on air transport

2) Non-flammable, flammable and toxic gases

3) Flammable liquids

4) Flammable solids, substances prone to spontaneous combustion and water reactive substances

5) Oxidising matter and/or organic peroxides

  • Poisonous and infectious substances (liquids and solids)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials including akalines, corrosive solids/liquids and acids
  • Other hazardous materials that do not meet the criteria for Classes 1-8 but that are nonetheless still potentially hazardous when transported