All shipments are quoted, rated, and booked based on the information provided by the customer. To receive the most accurate quote possible, it is vital to ensure the quantity, weight, dimensions, and freight class provided are correct:


  • Quantity – Based on the number of identical packages.
  • Weight – Always avoid guessing the weight of your shipment.
  • Dimensions – When measuring or weighing your freight shipment, be sure to do so once it is already packaged.
  • Freight Class – Is the classification given to shipments by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). Freight class is based on four shipment characteristics:
    • Stowability – How your freight fits in the truck
    • Liability – The value of your items
    • Ease of handling – Level of care needed
    • Density – Amount of storage needed
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Providing estimates for any information about your freight will not produce an accurate quote and instead will increase the likelihood for billing adjustments. If you, the shipper, are unsure of any details about what you are shipping, a manufacturers specification sheet is a great resource to assist with describing your freight. FreightCenter agents are also available to assist you with any questions you may have about shipping freight and avoiding the most common shipping mistakes.