If you work in logistics, there’s a good chance that your company, and even your position, will look very different in a few years. That’s because the technology that makes our jobs possible is improving so fast that we’re still struggling to catch up!

The window of time in which to play catch up is closing, but the good news is that unlike previous technological revolutions, the one we are currently experiencing is much more democratic. Keeping up this time around doesn’t require hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. This time around, it’s an information revolution, and your ticket to survival has a lot to do with your attitudes towards new technology. This time around, it’s about being faster and smarter, not bigger and richer.

The emphasis is being placed on client satisfaction, customer management, and finances affecting the profit margins. Good organization and planning have become critical in exporting and importing. As the years have passed, the freight industry has turned to technology to increase profits by streamlining their business.