FIRST MILE SERVICE—WITH First Mile service your freight will be picked up and packaged, then delivered to its destination. All the work will be done for you!

FINAL (LAST) MILE—Final Mile is the delivery of the freight to its end customer, but with additional steps in between. This service includes inside delivery and debris removal. If more services are needed, let us know and we will help you secure those requirements.

INSIDE PICKUP/INSIDE DELIVERY—Perhaps one of the biggest causes for billing adjustments for shippers is the assumption that carriers function as moving services. That is, the driver will physically pickup and deliver the goods. Such is not the case. Unless otherwise specified, freight that is not picked up and delivered at a loading dock will be picked up and delivered at the curb. With inside pickup/delivery, your freight will be dropped off on your driveway or in your garage (if residential). If the delivery location is a store, the shipment will be delivered just  inside the front door. This is another service our carriers can provide at an extra fee, which is especially convenient when you’re a small to midsize business.