Digital Data Entry is a huge time saver. All data can be entered automatically into almost any system much faster than any person can do it. 24 x 7 x 365.

Any system

Data can be entered into practically whatever data system you have. In-house or online. The only requirement is that we can connect to your system.

Any data

All types of data can be entered. Files can be attached or uploaded.

Lightening fast

The speed of digital entry is much faster than any human can do. Often it is the software that data are being entered into that restrict the speed, not the data entry itself.

Any time, around the clock

By using digital data entry data can be entered at any time. When everybody else has gone home, the digital data entry robots will continue to work. No overtime, no sick days, no holidays.

Combine with Digital Document Reading

Combine the digital data entry with the digital document reading, and you have a complete solution. And don’t forget your booking data. No need to enter it by hand.