Vessel name and Voyage number

We have already discussed about difference between mother vessel and feeder vessel in this web blog. Let us discuss about vessel name vs voyage number.

Vessel name with voyage number are mentioned in Bill of lading of each shipment issued by carrier of goods. Some of you may need clarification on voyage number mentioned in Bill of lading and other shipping journals. What is vessel name and what is voyage number.

What is vessel ‘voyage’ number in a sea shipment.
The meaning of voyage is ‘long journey’ by sea or in space. We can also call trip, travel, passage, or tour.

You would have noticed vessel name followed by voyage number. What is this voyage number after vessel name mentioned. For example, Vessel ‘Evergreen Teresa – V.284’. Here, ‘Evergreen Teresa’ is the vessel name and ‘V.284’ is voyage number. (V stands for voyage). So, V.284 means voyage 284 – 284th trip of said vessel.

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