Cloud Technology is Changing the Face of Supply Chain Management

Due to the rise in availability of on-demand software solutions for supply chain management, the use of cloud-based solutions is becoming more prevalent.

These new cloud technologies are enabling efficiency breakthroughs and providing managers with complete end-to-end supply chain visibility and control.

The move to cloud-based software has driven a number of changes in the supply chain management industry and here we will explore 5 of them in more detail.

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One of the biggest impacts of using cloud technology for supply chain management is on cost, as it significantly reduces the operational costs of a business.


The automation of routine tasks can reduce the resource required to manage administrative, everyday jobs. This enables there to be greater focus on more important issues that arise.

Cloud technology also provides cost-cutting benefits in areas such as data security, hardware costs, data analysis and reporting to name a few examples.

As you can see, the effect cloud technology is having on the industry is ground-breaking and it’s facilitating performance breakthroughs throughout.

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