Clean on Board, Shipped on Board  & Received for Shipment bill of lading are essentially the same..


A Received for shipment bill of lading is confirming that the carrier has “received” the containers at their container yard for loading onto a specific ship or voyage.. This DOES NOT mean that the container(s) has been shipped on board..

A Shipped on board bill of lading confirms that the carrier has received and loaded the containers physically on board the specified ship or voyage.. This is DEFINITE proof that the container(s) have been loaded..


A Clean on board bill of lading is a bill of lading that is predominantly used in the breakbulk or multipurpose vessels.. This confirms that the cargo has been received the carrier in GOOD ORDER AND CONDITION and by certifying this, the shipowner, carrier and/or master can be liable for any damages that the consignee might notice to the cargo upon discharge and as such is a dangerous clause as far as a carrier is concerned..

In containerised shipping this clause is not accepted or granted by any shipping line UNLESS UNDER VERY RARE circumstances as in the case of FCL containers, the carrier is NOT aware of what has been packed in the container and in what condition..