6. Subcontracting.

(1) The Carrier shall be entitled to subcontract the whole or any part of the contract of carriage, loading,
unloading, storing, warehousing, handling including, but not limited to all duties usually undertaken by a Carrier.
(2) For the purpose of this contract and subject to the provisions of this Bill of Lading, the Carrier shall be
responsible for the acts and omissions of persons whose services it engages to perform this contract of carriage.

7. Methods and Routes of Transportation.

(1) The Carrier is entitled to perform the transport and all services related thereto in a reasonable manner and by all
reasonable means, methods and routes.
(2) In accordance herewith, as example, in the event of carriage by sea, vessels may sail with or without pilots,
undergo repairs, adjust equipment, dry-dock and tow vessels and assist other vessels including sister-ships in all

8. Optional Stowage

(1) Goods may be stowed by the Carrier by means of and in, for example, containers, trailers, transportable tanks,
flats, pallets, or similar articles of transport used to consolidate goods.
(2) Containers, trailers, transportable tanks and covered and uncovered flats, whether stowed by the Carrier or
received by it in a stowed condition from the Merchant, may be carried on or under deck without notice to the
Merchant and if so carried, the Hague Rules as incorporated herein shall apply notwithstanding carriage on
deck and the goods and/or containers shall contribute to General Average as if carried under deck.
Notwithstanding anything contained in paragraph 2 above the carrier shall be under no liability whatsoever for
loss, damage or delay howsoever occurring to goods stated on page two overleaf hereof to be carried on deck or
so carried or to live animals whether or not carried on or under deck.