9. Hindrances affecting performance
(1) The Carrier shall use reasonable endeavours to complete the transport and to deliver the goods at the place
designated for delivery or as near thereto as under the prevailing circumstances possible.
(2) If at any time the performance of the contract as evidenced by this Bill of Lading is or will be affected by any
hindrance, risk, delay, difficulty or disadvantage of whatsoever kind, and if by virtue of sub-clause 8 (1) the
Carrier has no duty to complete the performance of the contract, the Carrier (whether or not the transport is
commenced) may elect to:
(a) treat the performance of this Contract as terminated and place the goods at the Merchant’s disposal at any
place which the Carrier shall deem safe and convenient; or
(b) deliver the goods at the place designated for delivery against the shipper or merchant paying the extra
(3) If the goods are not taken delivery of by the Merchant within a reasonable time after the Carrier has
called upon it to take delivery, the Carrier shall be at liberty to put the goods in safe custody on behalf of the
Merchant at the latter’s risk and expense.
(4) In any event the Carrier shall be entitled to full freight for goods received for transportation and
additional compensation for extra costs resulting from the circumstances referred to above.