21. Freight
(1) Freight shall be deemed earned at the placed and time where and when the goods have been taken in charge by the Carrier and shall be paid in any event ship or cargo lost or not lost.
(2) The Merchant’s attention is drawn to the stipulations concerning currency in which the freight and charges are to be paid, rate of exchange, devaluation and other contingencies relative to freight and charges in the relevant tariff conditions. If no such stipulation as to devaluation exists or is applicable the following shall apply: If the currency in which freight and charges are quoted is devalued between the date of the freight agreement and the date when the freight and charges are paid, then all freight and charges will be automatically increased in proportion to the extent of the devaluation of the said currency.
(3) For the purpose of verifying the freight basis, the Carrier reserves the right to have the cargo or contents of containers, trailers or similar articles of transport inspected in order to ascertain the weight, measurement, value, or nature of the goods.
22. Lien
The Carrier shall have a lien on the goods for any amount due under this Contract and for the costs of
recovering the same, and may enforce such lien in any reasonable manner, including sale or disposal of the goods.