Email is the most preferred medium of communication in any workplace. Considering the amount of emails that are exchanged every day, you are expected to be online on the go! The fact that you are responding to a fair share of emails each day, there is a higher possibility that you’re making errors that can have some serious consequences at work.

Here are a few email etiquette you must follow:

1. Never ignore emails: You might receive a lot of emails each business day and one of the most important email etiquette is to reply to every email. You may not have the time to do it immediately but remember to reply back. This indicates that you are paying attention and getting involved. Making an effort to acknowledge every email you receive will only make your work ethics stronger.

2. Subject: The subject basically indicates the importance of your email. People often open or delete an email based on the subject line. Choose simple words that directly address the topic or issue. A simple ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ is a great way to start a formal email. While sending a formal email, avoid sending abbreviations and SMS language.

3. Language and emoticons: Emoticons sets a lighter tone for your email and makes you seem friendly. However, be cautious with your written sense of humor as not everyone might consider it funny. If you are working in a multinational company, make sure you type out the email in a simple language. There’s a higher possibility of miscommunication when you’re not dealing with a situation face-to-face. Make sure you tailor your message in a manner that will not cause any cultural differences.

4. Proofread: Proofread the content of your email multiple times before sending it. If you take an extra minute to read the email, it will help in correcting errors and punctuation. Make sure you have covered all the important points you wanted to convey in that email.

5. Own up for mistakes: If you’ve sent out an email which contains a lot of errors, don’t hesitate to send out a revised version of the email. It’s always better to identify and own up to your mistakes before your boss or colleagues point them out. Don’t write anything that is inappropriate via email, even if it’s to a friend at work. It can only hamper your career in the long run.